Who We Are

What is the ELSE Initiative?

1. ELSE – acronym – Empowering Leaders for Sustainable Excellence

2. Initiative – noun – a plan or program that is intended to bring a desired result

Imagine an interactive educational experience where New and Aspiring Leaders can train and develop the principles and intricacies of leadership.

Imagine a tool that provides top-performers with the necessary resources to build a foundation of ‘people-oriented’ leadership skills such as: Leadership Behaviors, Interpersonal Communication, Decision-making, and Team Building; as well as good management skills like Goal Setting and Time Management.

Imagine an online learning academy where new leaders can access leadership development courses, training workshops, lectures and more – to become more effective and successful leaders in the workplace and in life.

Imagine learning from a team of highly experienced leaders, dedicated to the development of tomorrow’s leaders, to build a better and brighter future.

This is the ELSE Initiative


Our vision? To be the ultimate interactive Leadership Development resource – ever growing and evolving – where Leaders and Educators can access, learn, and train in the principles and intricacies of Leadership.

Our Mission? To develop 50 million new leaders by 2025.

How We Can Help You

Our Academy

The ELSE Initiative’s Online Learning Academy is where you can access a variety of Leadership Training Courses covering a spectrum of skills such as: Core Values, Leadership Behaviors, Interpersonal Communications, Goal Setting, Time Management, Decision Making, and much, much more.

New Courses added frequently…


The ELSE Initiative’s blog provides articles on several leadership topics. Learn – Lead – Achieve and take full advantage of the wisdom from our founders and guest bloggers.


Explore our resource page to find a mentor, get free leadership tools, watch video from experienced leaders around the world… You can also find information on upcoming workshops, speaking events, and much more…

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